Dealing With Racist Old White Men…

One of the most pitiful sights that exists out here is the Old Racist White Man.  I guess the old adage: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” rings very true; as I am utterly astonished at how many of these old white men, many of whom are only one good night’s sleep away from being stuffed in a damn pine box, can still be racist as hell even in their oldest years.

You’d think that after all of those years of being EVIL, that they’d turn a new leaf when they got older, simply due to the sheer fear of the hereafter.  However, shockingly, many of these older white men are just as RACIST when they are OLD, as they were when they were YOUNG.

What made me think about this was last week when I went in for a interview at a place out here in San Ramon.  San Ramon; man, that’s a beautiful city; and of course, you don’t hardly see a black face there.  Not surprised at all by that one.  However, I digress.  Anyway, back to what I was saying, I went to San Ramon for an interview for a job position.  Now, keep in mind, I had on a suit and tie, and looked absolutely NOTHING like a thug.

As I got out of my car, I saw this old white man walking to his Van.  Now, I got to the right place; however, I wasn’t sure what building to go to.  So, I kindly ask the older white man if he could point me in the direction of the building that I am supposed to go to.

Man, this old bean basically SHOOED me off like he didn’t hear a damn thing I said.  He didn’t even give me a chance to say anything before RUDELY SHOOING me off as he went to his utility van.  He looked scared as hell too; and I had on a freaking 3-piece suit!!  To many white people, suit, or no suit, we are still seen as NIGGAS all the same.  Makes no difference to many of them.

You really have to wonder WHY would a white person be that fearful at the sight of a black person.  My guess, is basically fear of reprisal; probably because they know that they probably treated black people HORRIBLY in their younger years.  Many of them fear all of that mistreatment may come back on them.

White folks trip me out with their reverse racism crap.  They mistreated us, for goodness knows how long; yet, they are scared to death of US???  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  The mental manipulation that many of them engage in with blacks is ASTONISHING.  Here they have mistreated us for centuries, yet they got blacks trying to make THEM feel comfortable??? What the hell is this mess??

The mind games that are played on blacks are crazy!!  Anyway, it trips me out at how RACIST many older white men are.  If I was them, I’d be trying to repent for every sin I committed in life before I took my dirt nap.  However, many of them are just as racist when they are practically a bag of damn bones as they were when they were in their youth.

I don’t really understand many white people and their HATE for blacks.  They hate blacks with such fervor that they’d risk their very salvation if they think it would keep a nigga from getting ahead in life.  That’s absolute CRAZINESS!!

You have to wonder what white people’s religion really is, because, for many of them, it sure doesn’t seem like it’s Christianity.  It seem like for many white people, their religion is WHITENESS.  Otherwise, how can you explain many of them acting the way they act, and doing the things that many of the do?

One thing’s for certain, I hope when I get older–God willing–that I am not all full of hate like many of these older white men that I see around me are.  What’s so said about it, is that these people have more privileges than any group of people on earth, and many of them are still EVIL as hell.

They say that they don’t understand us, well, I don’t understand many of them either; especially, old white men who are basically lying on their deathbed still hating niggers.  That is absolutely ASTONISHING to me.

This concludes my thoughts on this subject.

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9 thoughts on “Dealing With Racist Old White Men…

  1. When shit like this happens to me, I take solice in the fact that I can answer the question “Where do you see yourself in 20 years” If someone were to ask that old ass man or woman that same question you would have to revise it to say “how far in the decaying process do you think you will be in 20 years” Shit happens and I know I could get hit by a bus and killed and die befor him, and I know that I will be old one day. But chances are there will be funeral services held for the bigot before there would be for me statistcally speaking. LOL!!

  2. Hey DOSO,

    It’s good to see you have a blog man. Keep spreading the word and waking up these sleeping brothers.



  3. Old bean lol! This happens to my dad sometimes and he’s 56! Stupid stuff like walking behind an old white man. They quickly turn around and act all afraid. Some older white women do it too. One time my dad was simply getting in his car and some older white woman tugged on her purse all hard like he was gonna steal it and she quickly drove off. It’s pathetic really. They act like they never seen a black person.

  4. The reason whites are scared is because they SUCK in war. Niggas, including black latinos would tare these white folks up cat rabbit! U not see the military skills black men in the hood have wen they war with other black men. Jus imagine wat wud happen if that energy was directed towards our enemies. Imagine instead of black mistrusting eachother they mistrust the enemy. Dude blacks couldve ruled this country a long time ago.
    And blacks reproduce very fast too, we wudve been the majority. But there was so much stuff in the fight to reduce and stabilize the black population it aint funny.

  5. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  6. As an East Indian male from Canada who lives in one of the most diverse cities in the world (Toronto)- I can only say I concur! For some reason, older white men are the biggest hate-filled maggots on this planet!!! They especially hate you if you are non-white and non-Christian. I had a Pakistani friend who worked for a big car dealership in Toronto’s East End. He said most white women and other minorities were okay- but when a white man in his 50s came in, all the ‘minority’ salesmen would turn their heads and walk away. Why? Because the old white guys had terribly deserved reputations for never buying a car from a non-white.

    Even here in liberal Canada, we have rightwing networks and talkshows that are the remnant of scared, angry and crazy white men (both Christian and Jewish). While Jews claim to be victims, they can be just as redneck as the Jesus Freaks. I have found black Christians generally much more tolerant and open-minded to other cultures, despite that other cultures often unfairly look down at them. Now Herman Cain, that is one crazy and hate-filled black man, he might as well be white. But I digress.

    Nevertheless, I saw the same thing in Europe (where I lived for 1.5 years). Wherever they go, whites are scared of non-whites and always live in white enclaves (whether in 1930s Alabama or 2010 New York City). The best we non-whites can do is become successful (I got an MBA and good job with civil service), keep positive aspects of our culture alive and not become Christians (sorry but when you accept Christianity, you become part of their global plan to civilize the ‘barbaric brown man’ and make him subervient). The only exceptions to this ‘racist white man syndrom’ are white uber-liberals (some very open minded) and those whites who embrace other religions (e.g. white converts to Islam can go to the Africa/Mid-East and live as one). Maybe the new generation will surprise me, but as for now, I can’t stand older white men either!!!! You ain’t alone brother in that!

  7. First off I’m a white male and couldn’t agree with these comments more.

    I’m married to an Asian woman and out of this marriage we have two beautiful children. We happen to live in a predominantly older white community and I’ve witnessed similar discomfort of these tired old white people whenever they see us out and about. However, if an all white coupe comes walking down the street with their “blue eyed” angels the old white people will meet up with them, exchange small talk and tug on the kids cheeks.

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