Dealing With Judgemental Older Black Women…

Mmm-mmm-mmm. Honey, you can do SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER than him…Mmmm-mmm-mmm…

He ain’t worthy of acknowledging honey!!  I won’t even look him in the damn face sugar!!  He ain’t no damn good!!  You can do SOOO MUCH BETTER!! You are too cute for him HONEY!!!  Please, please, SEE YOUR worth sugar!!!  Don’t waste your time on some two-bit nigga honey!!  Go and try “Something New”!!  It’s time for us black women to KNOW our worth!!

Hahahhahhaah!! Black guys are soooo played out in California!!! They are SOOOO 90’s!! I don’t understand what she sees in him!!  Honey, I left those trifling niggas alone a loooooonnnggg time ago!! She’ll learn…Oh Yes…She WILL LEARN SUGAR!!  White guys is where it’s at!!  The jokes on you HONEY!!  HAHHAHHAHAHHAH!!!  Our sistahs betta recognize, and expand their damn options!!!  Because trifling ass niggas don’t live here no’ mo.  Oh no they don’t!!  HEEEHEEEHEEEE!!!

Man, mind yo damn business!!  I get sick and tired of every time my wife and I go out somewhere, we always have older black women judging the hell out of us.  Every time we go somewhere, I have to see some older black woman giving me hateful frowns and looks of disgust.  Or if they aren’t doing that, they won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE me.  Yet, they will acknowledge my wife.  I have also had black women start laughing at us when they saw us together.  I hope this is only a damn California thing; because I would HATE to think that many black women act like this in other parts of the country.

What’s even worse about it, is that the most disapproval is coming from OLDER black women!!  I am like, why in the hell do they even CARE?  They shouldn’t be worrying about it one way or the damn other.  It gets on my nerves how every time we go out, we gotta have black women out here sizing us up as a damn couple.  I am going to be honest, I have a beautiful black wife, and I think that it burns many black women the hell up to see a regular black man with a beautiful woman; even when it’s another black woman.

I have seen black women look at me an my wife together, and literally shake their damn head.  I have seen them give ME disgusted looks like I am not even good enough to even BE with my wife.  Yet, I bet you that if my wife was with a regular non-black man, they’d be smiling harder than damn “Sherman Klump” did off of “The Nutty Professor”.

Many of these women need to come off of the black love charade; because many of them don’t care about it at damn all.  These women are literally PROTESTING when they see my wife and I together; and we are a black couple.  Out here in Cali, many of black women have it ingrained in their heads to try “Something New”, and they have literally sworn themselves off of black men out here.  So much so, that they even hate to see OTHER black women with black men out here.  Truth be told, out here in Cali, black men and women don’t even date each other like that.  Hell, the only black people out here who “Keep It Black” are blacks from “The Hood”.   Most middle-class blacks out here don’t even date other black people; from what I have observed.

To be honest, NOBODY likes seeing a decent-looking black couple together.  Non-blacks don’t like seeing it either.  Especially, when the black woman is ATTRACTIVE.  I am like, why in the hell would a non-black person give a damn at ALL about what blacks are doing?  Non-black men get envious when they see a black man with a beautiful women; even if it’s a woman of his own ethnicity.

It has gotten to the point where I get annoyed out here when I come around black women; because I don’t feel like hearing their loud cackles and judgement.  It just amazes me how many black women are more supportive of seeing a black woman with a non-black man than they are of seeing a black woman with a black man.

That is all.


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